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Infrastructure :

  • School began at the primary level in the year 1964 and now it houses more than 1400 students as a senior secondary institute.
  • School has Arts and Vocational stream for the senior secondary classes.
  • School is covered under BALA hence classrooms and building have been made learner friendly.
  • Even under the constraints of space, we have a well specified basketball court.
  • School has a maintained cycle parking to facilitate the students.
  • At the start, the school ground was completely uneven and gradually it has been leveled.
  • IRC frame fencing has been installed on the boundary walls of the school.
  • School has an enriched library with more than 5000 books on various subjects. Students and teachers make full use of the library.
  • A unique feature of the school is the wall magazine. The students/teachers find a canvass to expo their creative skills be it in writing or drawing.
  • This year department of Science and Technology has sanctioned the setting up a Herbal Solar Green House in the school and we are working on that.
  • School has a Student Grievances Cell to address the problems of the students.
  • School has also a Women Employee Grievances Cell.
  • Mid Day meal is served to the children maintaining the standards of cleanliness.
  • Under Swachha Bharat Abhiyan all toilets have been renovated last month.


EDU Dept of Chandigarh