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School Facilities:

School Facilities

School Facilities

1 No. of class rooms & other class rooms
b) Other Class Rooms 5
2 Land Available for additional class rooms. Yes
3 Separate room for Head Teacher/ Principal Yes
4 Green & Black Boards Yes
5 Toilets 14
a) No. of Toilets Seats available for Boys 10
b) No. of Toilets Seats available for Girls 15
6 Source of Drinking Water Tap Water
7 Electricity Connection Yes
8 Boundary Wall Yes
9 School Library Yes
10 Availability of Text Books, Teaching Learning Equipments and Play materials Grade Wise Yes
11 Magazine/ News Papers Yes
12 Playgrounds Yes
13 Computer Lab Yes
14 Computer Lab for IT (Vocational Course ) Yes
15 Computers Facilities for Stenography (Vocational) Yes
16 CAL- Computer Aided Learning Yes
17 Facilities provided to CWSN Low Vision Kit

Mid Day Meal

Mid-meal facility is provided to the students from Pre-Nursery to VIIIth classes which is hygienically & sufficient quantity served . The Mid-day Meal Scheme is the popular name for school meal programme in India. It involves provision of lunch free of cost to school-children on all working days. The key objectives of the programme are improving socialization among children belonging to all castes.

>>>  Also visit to the Educational Department Chandigarh Website for more details.

CTOSS:CTOSS means Comprehensive training of soft skills

CTOSS is a comprehensive training of soft skills programme . Its main motive is to develop the four skills (Reading, Writing, listening, Speaking ) of the international language ,English among students. It is an activity based programme . Though various activities skills of the language are developed among students and students enjoy and learn a lot through these activities.


STC means Special training Centre for never enrolled and drop out students .Thirty students were identified during the survey of December 2011 and enrolled in the centre. Twenty five students were in main stream .Thirty two students were identified during the survey of December 2012 and enrolled in the centre. Twenty students were identified during the regular survey done by the Volunteer Mrs. Anju. Total fifty two students were enrolled in the STC and forty eight students were in main stream by the S.T.T. Mrs. Neeraj Deswal. During the survey of 2013 we identified and enrolled thirty two students in STC centre.

For smooth running of the centre our respected Principal Mr. Rajesh Kumar ,CRC Mr. Vikram Singh ,Head of the SMC Mr. Gurdayal Singh and SSA incharge Mrs. Anita Rani help the teacher a lot and guided her time to time .They help her in making plan executing them successfully .SMC members monitored the centre time to time and motivated the students. Special grant also assisted her from the department .The main objective of the STC is to bring the child at his or her level according to age and it was successfully achieved by us. We took our students on various education trips to make them aware about social environment. We visited the following places.

S.No. Place Purpose
1 Rock garden & Sukhna lake How we can use the waste material in better way & enjoy the environment.
2 Rose garden To make them familiar with different type of roses.
3 Museum and doll museum To show them old things, coins ,painting of kings & History of the Dinosaurs & different types of dolls in the world.
4 Zoo To show them wild animals and increase their knowledge about the wild and domestic animals like carnivores & herbivores.
5 Virast-E-Khalsa & Chhapper chiri and Gurduras To enhance their knowledge about the culture of Punjab, Guru’s and worse.
6 Verka Plant To make them aware about the making the milk products which we use in our daily life.

We held following rallies during the session of 2010-2011.

S.No. Place Purpose
1 Anti Cracker Rally To make the people aware about the pollution and wastage of many due to crackers and go green.
2 Save girl child To make the people aware about the importance of girl child. If you want to save your future than save the girl .
3 Sensitize the society about the education. Aware the people about the R.T.E. act that child should come to school to get education at least up to the age of 14.

Besides rallies, A nuked Natak was also played in the school premises and at different places of village in the presence of Respected Principal, CRC, member of SMC and S.S.A incharge . The main theme of Nuked Natak was to educate the girl child. They came to know about the different festivals and religions as we celebrated each function or festivals in school campus and different type of competitions were also held . We brought out their talent through competition of essay writing, poem recitation, drawing competition, enact play and gave speech on different occasions. Students took part in every competition . They enjoyed every movement at the centre.

Special vocational instructions came at the centre to teach them vocational programme. Students learnt a lot through these programmes. They learnt how to use waste material, wall languages, show pieces, 600 k Binding, making of birthday caps, cards, paper bags, newspaper baskets, diya decoration, flowers and flowers arrangement. They made the idols of Budha, Ganesha sceneries etc. They also learnt fruit making with stoking and decorate it in the basket. Vocational training enables the child to earn money so that they can become financially independent. We taught them about the health and hygiene. We also introduced different type of games for the students. Our PTI teacher helped us in this task. We tried to raise the confidence level of the child. So, that they can become competent with main stream students in the classes.

During the survey, we brought the never enrolled and dropped out students in the centre. C.W.S.N. students were identified and brought them to the school. Now they are main streamed and doing well in their respective classes. We approached the resource teacher to help them time to time.

Our some of the students got Ist division when they were main streamed in regular school. Our students also got prizes during the inter-center competitions held by the department in different schools. We also showed them educational CD’s, English movies and comic movies on the computer and projector to entertain them and improve their listening skills.

We taught the child through the multi grade system. We imparted activities based education. We quoted live example to clear the topics. We provided them healthy environment for their better education. We have maintained all the records according to the instructions given by the department from time to time.

At the initial stage of STC center, people were not aware about the center but now they know the importance of the STC centers and they send their child in these centers with more confidence and courage with the full support of our respected Principal ,CRC, SMC members and SSA Incharge. Our center is achieving its goals more efficiently.

Sports Facilities & Extra curricular activities

Sports facility

Volleyball ground, handball ground available in the school.

Last year achievements in sports

Four boys selected in National team in Circle Kabaddi (U-19).

Achievements in the curricular & Co- curricular areas


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